Responsible Travel Policy

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Social responsibility


Friends and neighbours:

• The hikes of 46° are not only means of bringing the tourists in contact with the natural environment but, in equal measure, of bringing them in contact with the local community. 46° hikes lean heavily on the local community in the sense that the family run accommodations provide their services, their products, their hospitality, their friendliness and care, their knowledge and their stories. It’s them that turn each 46° hike in a unique experience.


Local crafts and culture:

• The experience of the 46°hikes exists not only in living the natural environment but also the history and culture. In Italy you inevitably bump into, sometimes enormous sometimes modest, cultural and/or artistic artefacts. This historic heritage is linked in a way with nowadays Italy and both, past and present, are treated in the route book. “As you learn more, your understanding will grow, and all your senses will be enhanced”.


Travelling with respect:

• By not only making the client aware of the natural, cultural and social reality by means of written information, but above all by offering the possibility to live and touch these local realities by means of the carefully designed hikes and chosen accommodations we have experienced that mutual respect simply becomes a matter of fact.

Environmental responsibility

• Individual walking tours, in case of good behaviour, are of low impact on the natural environment



• The route book of all hikes contain information about the flora and fauna in the area, often it treats as well the geological aspects that are the foundation, in order to enhance the knowledge and interest in matter.



• The route book of all hikes recommends to deposit waste in the bins provided or to take it to the next accommodation.



• Where possible, we work with accommodations that offer a menu ‘km 0’: Every tour proposed  contains at least 1 night -on most tours 2- in an agriturismo (farmstays).  An agriturimo is obliged (for law) that a certain percentage of what is served derives from their own crops/animals and another percentage derives from neighbour farmers (the minimum percentage differs in each region). In some of the cases farming is organic.

• Most accommodations specificly ask the clients to not waste water and to not have their towels washed if not necessary. 



Economic responsibility



:•  Apart from the itinerary, it are the accommodations 46° works with that offer everything te hiker needs during the week: a bed and a bath, meals, luggage transport, help and company, stories and information.



•  All 46°  tours take place in areas just outside the touristic flow.  In some cases accommodations mainly depend on local and/or national customers, numbers these days decreasing. In other cases accommodations (also) depend on the few adventurous tourists that go off the beaten track. Therefore, the 46° customers often create a valuable increment of income for the accommodations and in some cases they are even of vital importance.



• The accommodations needing employees and/or buying services and ingredients benefits the local community.



• 46° considers itself an intermediary helping hikers by offering a good walking holiday and helping accommodations finding customers.



• Not unfrequently 46° customers return to an accommodation they particular liked, a year after or so, 46° being a kind op promoter.


The driving force of friendship:

• Often working with family run accommodations the professional relation turns into friendship, stimulating the wish to bring them as much customers as possible (and stimulating them to treat the 46° customers as good as possible ànd turning work into a very pleasant thing!)  


A fair deal:

• It goes without saying that 46° cannot do without its ‘providers’ of material and immaterial goods and therefore the recompense is fair and with respect.