Pisa - Lucca; 8 days / 7 nights / 3 linear hikes / 2 round going hikes

Hiking in Italy, Tuscany; hiking from Pisa to Lucca

Sorry, this trip is currently unavailable due to a serious

forest fire in the area!

Travel schedule
(​​It is possible extending the tour by booking extra nights. Shortening the tour is also possible.
See here​ what the options are.)


1. Arrival in Pisa.
2. Pisa-Calci: 4.45  hours, ↑ 500, ↓ 300 meter, (B, L).
3. Calci, optional round going walks: 1.15 / 4.30 hours, ↕ 100-650 meter, (B).
4. Calci-Buti: 4.10 hours, ↑ 350, ↓ 370 meter, (B,L).
5. Buti, optional round going walks: 2.40 / 4.35 hours, ↕ 380 meter, (B)
6. Buti - Lucca: 4.45 / 6.05 hours, ↑ 130, ↓ 705 meter, (B, L).
7. Day off in Lucca (B)
8. Departure from Lucca after breakfast (B).


start: every day of the week from the beginning of April until mid October.

Included meals are signed: B=breakfast, L=packed lunch, D=dinner.


Day to day


Day 1: Arrival in Pisa. 
The airport ‘Galileo Galilei’ is only ten minutes distance from the centre of Pisa; that means that the tour starts almost immediately after landing! 
Of course Pisa is known best for it′s tower (Campo dei Miracoli), but besides the cultural and artistic sights it’s a very pleasant city with cosy squares, narrow alleys and the river Arno running through it.
Overnight stay and breakfast in a B&B that immediately makes you feel ‘in Italy’, situated in the centre of the town. The building is from the Xst century and the tiles and fresco′s on the ceilings date back to around 1800.   


Day 2: From Pisa to Calci.

The first part of the tour runs through the flatlands of the delta of the river Arno, along the aqueduct from Pisa to the Monti Pisani. The Pisan Mountains contain lots of wells and the aqueduct provided the city, from the late 16th century onwards, with fresh water, at that time a luxury in the swampy flatlands. The 6 km. hike along the aqueduct, that gradually gets higher, is a fascinating preamble to the mountains.

Once there, the hike proceeds over the sunny slopes, covered with olive orchards and forests, leading to the small village Calci.

Overnight stay and breakfast in an old  ‘podere’ in the midst of the olive orchards, where Caterina rules the roost… you will fall in love with here! Excellent restaurant  around the corner. In order to leave the original structure of the podere unimpaired, the private bathrooms are situated in a separate space and not in the room.


Day 3: Calci.

Optional roundtrip over the slopes around the charming village Calci. Going up, passing through olive orchards, forests of cork oak and pine trees, the Mount  Faeta (831) can be ‘climbed’ from where on a clear day the isle of Corsica and the Ligurian coastline can be seen. The vegetation reveals the proximity of the sea; Mediterranean bushes are scenting in the warmth of the sun.

Lodging is again in the cordial ‘podere’ of Caterina, full of atmosphere and history; for the ones that planned to have a rest this day it will be a delight spending time in and around this Agriturismo. The farm owns a lot of olive orchards and produces olive oil (organic).


Day 4: From Calci to Buti.

This day′s hike goes downwards through the village Calci, passing the beautiful "piave" in the centre and the impressive monastery situated outside the village. From here it goes upwards into the mountains. On a clear day the view on the flatlands below is grandiose; The river Arno winds it′s way towards the sea, the famous tower seems to fall over en further south in the rolling Tuscan hills the contours of Volterra can be perceived. Pine trees, cork oak and chestnut forests alternate until arrival at Buti..

Overnight stay in a hearty B&B in the centre of the little village. Restaurants nearby.

Day 5: Buti. 
This day′s program offers optional roundtrips in the valley of Buti through olive orchards and woods or a trip over the slopes of the mountains leading to the beautiful mediaeval village Vicopisano. This fortress, situated at the foot of the mountains, there where two rivers meet, was once of great strategic importance for Pisa. Towers, walls, palaces, churches...; it′s like going back in time.   


Day 6: From Buti to Lucca.
This is the longest walk of the week. A short transfer (10/20 min.) will bring you up a bit for not making it too long. The hike goes mainly downhill over the northern slopes of the Pisan Mountains, with a view on the Apuan Alps and the small town Lucca. The hike leads through the village Vorno, for then finding another aqueduct; this time leading from the mountains northwards to the city walls of Lucca. 
Overnight stay in a stylish B&B situated just outside the city walls and not far from the train station. In Lucca it will be difficult choosing from the enormous offer of inviting little restaurants…


Day 7: Lucca 
This graceful little town is world wide known for it′s oval square, but in whole it′s a small pearl in a beautiful setting, inviting for aimless strolling through alleys admiring its palaces, churches and squares. You will fall in love with it!


Day 8: Lucca – Departure.
Departure from the B&B is after breakfast. 
From Lucca, a train runs back to Pisa / Pisa Airport in about 20 minutes.