Lake Como; 8 days / 7 nights / 4 linear hikes / 2 round going hikes

Travel schedule
(​​It is possible extending the tour by booking extra nights in the city or in the countryside.
Shortening the tour is also possible. See here what the options are.)


1. Arrival Brunate-Como

2. Brunate – Alpe del Viceré (2.30 - 4 hours, 10 km, ↑ 320, ↓ 300 . B,L,D).

3. Alpe del Viceré' – Pian del Tivano (4.45 - 5.15 hours, 14 km, ↑ 530, ↓ 450 meter. B,L,D).

4. Pian del Tivano (B,D)

5. Pian del Tivano – Piano Rancio (3 - 4.45 hours, 11/15 km, ↑ 550, ↓ 700 meter. B,L,D).

6. Piano Rancio – Bellagio (Brunate) (3+2 hours, 11 km, ↓ 750 meter. B,L).

7. Bellagio (Brunate*) (B)

8. Departure from the hotel in Bellagio (Brunate) after breakfast (B).


*In case you arrive by car the last two nights will be in Brunate instead of Bellagio.


Start: from mid April onwards til the end of Oktober.
In August the tour can start (day 1) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Monday.
During the other month the tour can start on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Included meals are signed: B=breakfast, L=packed lunch, D=dinner.


Day to day


Day 1: Arrival in Como.

Como is situated immediately after the Swiss-Italian border. The first lodging is in Brunate, a small village in Art-Deco style up the mountain above Como. A small road winds up from the city, but the place can also be reached by a little funicular running up from Como. On the day of arrival dinner is not included but there are restaurants nearby.


Day 2: From Brunate to Alpe del Viceré.

Thanks to the fact that the first lodging is high up, walking upwards is reduced whether the view is splendid; on a clear day this first hike offers views on the snow-topped Alps in the north, the flatlands of the river Po in the south and the lake beneath. Walking through beech forests and mountain meadows the track leads to Alpe del Viceré, the meadows where the vice king, (sun of Napoleon) once kept his horses during summer.


Day 3: From Alpe Viceré to Piandel Tivano.

Almost every day a choice can be made between daytrips of different length or difficulty; today the choice is to go over or around the Monte Palanzone after which it goes downhill to the quiet Piano di Nesso for then proceeding to Pian del Tivano. A varied hike through fields and forests with beautiful views all around. (Of course the weather has to be good for enjoying the views.)


Day 4: Pian del Tivano.       

You will stay in a beautiful situated 'agriturismo' (farmstay) where the family keeps cows. It is an excellent spot for a day of rest but if you cannot sit still you can make a roundtrip down to the lakeside or visit the villages nearby.. 


Day 5: From Pian del Tivano to Piano Rancio.

Also this day a choice can be made between going over or around the mountain. San Primo is the highest summit of the area (1700) so –if the whether collaborates- stunning views are guaranteed: From here the entire lake with its quaint shore side towns can be seen. Especially during spring it’s a tour through the seasons; while at the lakeside summer arrived yet, near the summit of the San Primo flowers like Helleboris and Crocus are still celebrating the end of wintertime.


Day 6: From Piano Rancio to Bellagio /  Brunate.

This day the trip goes downhill direction ‘civilised world’. Hiking along meadows, the edge of woods, hamlets and villages, it goes to the village Bellagio, beautifully situated on the tip of the Triangolo Lariano and therefore called the ‘Pearl of the Lake’. Hikers that reached Como by public transport will stay the two last nights in Bellagio.  Hikers that came to Como by car will take the boat for a two hours trip back to Como for then going up to Brunate for spending the last two nights in the B&B where they left their car.


Day 7: Bellagio / Brunate

Bellagio offers a lot for making this a beautiful day; A cruise to the other side, a swim in the lake, a walk through the historic centre, or a visit to Villa Melzo or Villa Carlotta…  Staying in Brunate you can spend the day in the city; Como has a charming walled centre and is famous for its silk production. Also, starting from Brunate a last trip by foot can be made, downhill to the lakeside; in the woods enormous stones can be found, caved into mysterious tombs, unknown when made and unknown for whom… Fascinating!

This last two nights in Bellagio / Brunate do not have dinner included. This leaves the possibility to having dinner elsewhere –at the waterfront for example but both lodgings have a restaurant on the ground floor and there are others around the corner  


Day 8: Departure after breakfast.

Hikers that leave from Bellagio are still in the possession of the ticket that enables them to make the beautiful cruise back to Como (taking charge of their own luggage).

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