General Travel Conditions


The travel agreement 

The travel agreement between a client (after this being called ‘traveller’) and 46° is effected by the traveller’s acceptance of the offer of 46°.

The one who in the name of or on behalf of somebody else, accepts the travel agreement, is severally liable for all the obligations that result from the agreement. Every other traveller is liable for its own part. In the conditions, 46° is the travel agent and all the booked participants are the traveller.

Duration of the trip

The duration of the trip is mentioned in days. The traveller can dispose of the booked facilities from 3.00 p.m.

The last travel day ends at 10.30 a.m.

Travel documents

The required travel documents will be sent to you within 2 weeks before arrival date at the latest. If the arrival date is less than 15 days after appliance, your travel documents will be ready in the first place of accommodation. You have to have a valid passport. 


The travel agent is liable for the good execution of the obligations that result from the travel agreement. This applies to himself, as well as for others that have been called in by him. 46° does not accept liability for damage, that should be secured by travel and/or cancellation insurances. 

Reservation/ modification of the travel scheme 

The routes and the places for the overnight stays can be adjusted without prior notice, because of local circumstances and/ or improvements of the programme. If the modifications are drastic, you get notice by return, with the right to cancel without any cost.

Obligations for the traveller 

The traveller is obligated to observe all the instructions of 46° to improve a good realisation of the trip. He is liable for damage caused by his unallowed behaviour, to be evaluated to the standard of the behaviour of a good traveller. The traveller, who will pose such a threat or can pose such a threat, that a good execution of the trip will be hindered very much, can be excluded of further continuation. All the cost that will result from this are for the account of the traveller, in case of and as far as the consequences of hindrance and trouble can be imputed to him.


All the luggage and personal properties will be the risk of the traveller all the time. The travel agent does not accept liability for loss or damage to your luggage and personal properties, whatever way it has been caused. All the participants of the trips of the travel agent are considered to affect travel insurance for the risks that are covered by the standard travel accident- and luggage insurances. The transport of 2 pieces of personal luggage between the stands of the trips is included, with a maximum of 10 kg each. The driver has the right to refuse a surplus of luggage. 


46° will do his utmost to realize a successful holiday for you. Noted irregularities during the trip have to be maken known as soon as possible to the travel organisation. They will strive for a suitable solution. If the complaint is not dissolved satisfactory, it should be lodged in writing and motivated within one month after the end of the trip. If the trial of the complaint still is not dissolved satisfactory to the traveller after this, the competent judge can be retained within 3 months after the trip.