Lake Como at your own pace - all year round

Hikes on the lake side and in the mountains

The hikes near the lakeside can be done throughout the year. They are even better off season, when there are few or no leaves on the trees,

thus offering a constant and often stunning view on the lake and the surroundings and there are few turists around. 

​Due to the mass of water, the altitude (200m) and the protection of the mountains that surround the lake, the area has a sub-tropical micro climat. Therefore snow never lasts for longer than a day and temperatures hardly drop below 0°C.

Bear in mind though that during winter the days are short and in some places on the eastern slopes the sun hardly rises above the mountains.   

Besides the lake side hikes, you will be given the route descriptions of hikes in the mountains.

These mountain walks give you a good opportunity to escape to cooler regions when at the lake side temperatures -and number of turists- rise.

Of course, during winter there's less chance of making these hikes since the tracks will probably be covered by snow.

The length of the mountain hikes is approx 10 km but they are generally more demanding than the lake side walks because of the differences in altitude. 

Buses, trains and sometimes boats easily bring you to the starting point of the lake side walks and back to the B&B.

Timetables will be handed to you.

For getting to the start of the mountain walks you will receive vouchers.

Eastern coast: Bellano


The Sentiero del Viandante runs along the eastern coast, passing Bellano. This trail can be split in 4 or 5 stages  that you can walk one way or back and forth, thus making hikes from around 5 km, 10 km or 20 km. Most of them are easy to do (grade E), some are more demanding

(grade EE) due to differences in altitude. They are all connected by railway and some of them by boat.

Stages of the trail:

  • Piona - Dorio 3.20 h - 10 km ↑↓ 420m

  • Dorio - Dervio 1.20 h - 5 km - ↑↓ 100m

  • Dervio - Bellano 1.30 h - 5 km - ↑↓ 230m

  • Bellano - Varenna 2.15 h - 7,5 km - ↑↓ 200m

  • Varenna - Lierna 4 h - 10 km - ↑↓ 590m / 4,50 - 12 km - ↑↓ 800m

  • Abadia - Lierna 4.30 h - 14 km - ↑↓ 250m

Round going mountain hikes are:

  • Monte Muggio (1540 m), 4.30 h - 12 km - ↑↓ 800m, (EE)

  • Cimone di Margno (1750 m), 4 h - 10 km - ↑↓ 420m 

Triangolo Lariano: Bellagio

Along the eastern coast of the Triangolo Lariano a trail called Strada Regia runs all the way

from Bellagio to Como. It offers two nice stages of around 10 km each that can be

interrupted in between since it touches the through going road a couple of times

(difficulty grade E)

  • Ponte del Diavolo - Nesso, 3.50 h - 12 km - ↑↓ 550m,

  • Nesso -  Torno, 5.25 h - 11 km - ↑↓ 380m,

Furthermore, easy walks can be done in and around the village, showing different aspects of the so called 'Pearl of the Lake'.

(Hikes proposed by the village of Bellagio, walking time from 1 h to 2.30).

  • Historical tour

  • Around the Suburbs

  • The hamlets on the eastern side 

Mountain hikes on the Triangolo Lariano:

  • Monte San Primo round going (1680 m), 3.30 h - 7,5 km - ↑↓ 580m (grade EE)

  • Pian Rancio - Bellagio  linear walk, 3 h - 11 km - ↓ 925m 

Western coast: Tremezzo - (not yet available!)

The western coast, the sunny side of the lake and more visited, offers a Greenway of 10 km that runs through villages and touches hamlets, harbours and some of the famous villages of the lake. But there are also a few fine walks through the woods that lead to remote places with beautiful monuments.