Booking Terms



An entry is being made on request of the traveller and after reception of the personal details of the traveller (fully completed booking form). It is not possible to take an option or a reservation on the tour without submitting a fully completed booking form.The travel agent confirms in writing the acceptation of the application by means of a confirmation/ invoice. Payment of the invoice must be completed within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. Cancellation of the booking is possible noticing by reply on the invoice within 10 days of receipt of the invoice  
It’s not possible to change the program without paying extra cost. 
Only exceptionally, it is possible to depart the published travel offers. In such a case, the possible communication cost and additional booking cost will be invoiced. Such departs are only part of the agreement, after they have been confirmed in writing by 46°.



The published travel sums are valid per person, based on two persons per party, unless otherwise stated. The amounts are based on prices, surcharges, conditions and taxes being known, when the programme was established. The travel agent is not responsible for apparent errors and mistakes in the travel programme and/ or attachments. Prices concerning transport are indicative and therefore not binding 46°.

Concerning all prices; changes reserved.


Application fees. 

Application fees are Euro 20,00 per application invoice address. For entries with the arrival date within 15 days, an extra Euro 20,00 will be charged.


After realisation of the travel agreement, the traveller has to pay a down payment within 8 days. The amount of the down payment equals 35% of the total travel sum. Added to this sum will be application fees and eventual extra cost. The rest amount has to be paid to 46° at the latest 6 weeks before the arrival date. Bookings within 6 weeks before arrival, the total amount of the travel sum has to be paid by return.

Modifications by the traveller

Up to 28 days before departure, the traveller can request for a modification in the travel agreement. 46° is allowed to charge 20 euro modification cost for this. After this period modification is not possible anymore in general. 46° will inform you by return if the request will be accepted. If not, the traveller eventually has to deal with cancellation costs.

Cancellation by the traveller. 

(in accordance with the valid rules within the travel business in general)

Cancellation costs:
Cancellation within 56 days before arrival: no costs.

Cancellation in the period from 56 days to 42 days before arrival: 30% of the travel sum.

Cancellation in the period from 42 days to 28 days: 60% of the travel sum.

Cancellation less than 28 days before arrival: 100% of the travel sum. 
By ‘day of arrival’ is meant the day of arrival at the first address of accommodation.

Application fees and extra cost are not included in the percentages above mentioned and will be passed on the total charge.

Cancellation has to be communicated in writing.

46° strongly recommends a cancellation insurance.



In case of one or more applied travellers is unable to take part of the trip, other persons can substitute them. The request has to be submitted within 7 days before departure. Administration cost and/or communication cost can be charged for this.