46° philosophy 

The joy of discovering the undiscovered, the pleasure of taking in exquisite and undisturbed surroundings, the delight of walking under your own steam. 46° was created to offer you a range of unusual self-guided walking tours that will give you a unique vacation experience. 



Self-guided walking tours


Self-guided walking with no group and no guide allows you to decide your own pace and your own programme and to discover and explore an area with a different eye. It provides a unique opportunity to meet the local people, taste their excellent (home cooked) food and wine. You might hear their stories or be shown sights of interest over a coffee or a ‘bianchino’ (white whine) together. 



To experience instead of consume


46° will provide you with background information and stories about the region you are walking through. But you will have the rare chance to discover a great deal for yourself, directly from the people you will encounter along the way. 46° will take you off the beaten track where people still live in the slow lane and still can find the time to share conversation with you. They will perhaps show off their grape harvest with befitting pride, or tell you the story of their great-grandfather who herded the goats of the despotic landowner on this very piece of land your standing on… And as you learn more, your understanding will grow, and all your senses will be enhanced.





The writer of Roman comedy writer Plautus (2000 A.C.) complained;May the gods damn him, who learned the hours. May the gods damn him, who has set up a sundial here,Rascally reducing my days into tiny fragments”. But do not fear! 46° will always provide you with plenty of time to complete each hike.You will always be able to take your time, to rest on the grass or to explore in more depth that which catches your eye, or to chat with those you meet on the way. You can afford to stay up late a midsummer night with some good bottles of Italian wine under a star dotted sky, imagining the footsteps in times gone by that created the trails you are following today…





Naturally, where possible, 46° collaborates with people and companies that share the love and respect for the environment and a fine product. We select small lodgings kept by local people, at times situated in somewhat remote spots. They will often prepare your meals using organic home-grown products from their own gardens, sometimes with old traditional recipes, a rare find in our fast commercial world. Some will sell you home-made products such as preserves or goat cheese. In any case they enjoy sharing their passion for the land and its produce with you.




46°: just rambling, why not take all day?